Numerology Meanings

Numerology Meanings

What Can Letters & Numbers Reveal?

Numerology is an extremely old form of studies by some of the greatest minds in the world that has been often derided as a form of pseudoscience by many scientists and thinkers, as well as, receiving brickbats from many theologians who perceived it in contradiction with the perceived tenets of the established religious orders. However, in spite of the all the vendetta and propaganda directed at it, numerology has survived as a tradition due to the innate curiosity and conviction that man possess regarding the special relationship between words and numbers, and what specific combinations could signify. This has led many to the path of truly understanding the Numerology Meanings to espouse it in the greater good of mankind.
Numerology Meanings
The above image underscores the basic principle of the field of numerology according to which each letter of the English alphabet has a numerical counterpart, and any combination of letters to form a word will produce a corresponding combination of numbers. The adding up of this numbers in a specific manners yields a number, which according to numerology meanings has some mystical connection with some coinciding events. Thus, it might be possible to predict upon the given likelihood any such events from a combination of letters via their numerical counterparts.

By using a technique to add up the all the assigned numerology numbers from the full name of a person, the proponents of numerology can help in deducing an incredible amount of information about every aspect of person’s life.

To explain in detail, the method of finding out what any combination of letters signify in numerical terms is to substitute the letters with the corresponding numbers according to the above table, and the adding them up, yielding a double digit number. Adding up the two digits of this number will yield the final number, which is then use as the reference to decipher their mystical significance.

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What is a Life path Number?

Life path NumberLife Path Number represents the summation of the birth date of a person, and is the most important number that there is in any person’s entire life. This is because this number represents the birth traits that are present in a person at the time of their birth, and which they are going to carry for the rest of their life. In fact, this number provides an excellent way of describing a person’s journey through life in a concise manner. The important thing to remember is that it incorporates all the numbers in a person’s birth date such as 1978 and not just 78.

The way to arrive at this number is by adding date, month, and year of any birth date such as 10-08-1987, and reducing it to a four-digit number, and subsequently to a single digit number such as for example 10-08-1987 to 2005, and then to 7.
Life path Number

All final numbers can range from: 1 to 9, as well as, as the master numbers in the form of 11, 22 & 33, can have different numerology meanings, and provide insight into the life of any person with the help of these numbers. Many consider stopping adding when they arrive at a master number such as 11, 22, and 33 and do not proceed to add them up and consider the numbers as 2 and 4 respectively.

Number Numerology Meanings

The root numbers used for deciphering the numerology meanings of names of persons, as well as, their date of birth are essentially equal. This implies that each of these numbers has its fair share of positive, as well as, negative character traits to balance each other out, and make these numbers equal to one another. Below are some numerology meanings for final number meanings from 1 to 9:

1 Numerology MeaningsNumber 1 – Leadership capabilities, pioneering attitude, individual style, inventive ideas, extraordinary will and determination, as well as, executive abilities, and inventive ideas are some of the positive traits. Egoistic, aggressive behavior, impulsiveness, boastfulness, and overassertive nature are some of the negative traits.

2 Numerology MeaningsNumber 2 – Adaptability, sensitiveness, cooperation, sincere, modest, partnering, spiritually influenced, a diplomat, and an arbiter or mediator are positive traits. Negative traits are fear, timidity, shyness, depression, self-consciousness, and drown in detail.

3 Numerology MeaningsNumber 3 – Positive traits are verbalization, self-expressive, happy and fun-loving, optimistic, insightful, artistic gifts, and keen imaginative power. Negative traits include exaggeration, directionless, self-centeredness, moodiness, unfinished projects, and scattered energies.

4 Numerology MeaningsNumber 4 – Positive traits include highly practical, scientific mind, strong sense of order and values, attention to detail, fine management skills, organizing skills, and foundation for achievement. Negative traits are stubborn, lack of imagination, confused, and slow acting.

5 Numerology MeaningsNumber 5 – Positive Traits include visionary ideas, versatility, expansiveness, curious mind, resourceful, uses freedom constructively, quick thinking, and explorative. Negative traits are edgy speech and temperament, discontent, impatience, restlessness, dissatisfaction, and lacking in application.

6 Numerology MeaningsNumber 6 – Positive traits are artistic, strong sense of responsibility, nurturing disposition, love of home and related affairs, helpful to others, unselfishness, humanitarian, balanced outlook, sympathy for others, and community oriented. Obstinacy, self-righteousness, stubbornness, domination of family and friends, egoistical, meddling, and susceptibility to flattery are negative traits.

7 Numerology MeaningsNumber 7 – Positive traits include intelligent seeker of knowledge, analytical and researching skills, studious, perfectionist, meditating, scientific and inventive, charming personality and demeanor, as well as, lover of peace and solitude.
Overly reserved, overly upset by distractions, argumentative, suspicious, hidden motives, isolated, and inflexible positions are some of the negative traits.

8 Numerology MeaningsNumber 8 – Positive traits include executive skills, sound judgment, political skills, and expert handling of power and authority, as well as, decisive and commanding. Negative traits are workaholic, materialistic, overly ambitious tendency to lack humanitarian instincts or repress subordinates, as well as impatience with people and mismanaging money.

9 Numerology MeaningsNumber 9 – Positive traits are humanitarian instincts, creative expression, artistic and writing talents, as well as selflessness, and a friendly and congenial disposition. Negative traits are possessiveness, self-adulation, scattered interests, and moodiness.

What Are Master Numbers?

Numerology MeaningsAll those interested about understanding the underlining numerology meanings are bound to feel excited regarding the so-called Master Numbers which are the numbers 11, 22, and 33, even though some numerologists go as far as to include 44, 55, and 66 under these special category. The numbers 11, 22, and 33 are not only special simply because they are constituted of two identical numbers but because of their high potency that may require quite a bit of time, maturity, and considerable effort to be integrated into one’s personality. These numbers in unison represent a triangle of enlightenment with 11 representing vision, 22 representing combination of vision with action, and 33 representing guidance to the world.

11 Numerology MeaningsNumber 11 Numerology Meanings – This number represents illumination, intuition, and insight with rational thought, as well as, shyness, nervous energy, sensitivity, and impracticality. In addition, it represents all the aspects of number 2, although enhanced with leadership, charisma, and inspiration.

22 Numerology MeaningsNumber 22 Numerology Meanings – Most powerful of all numbers, called the master Builder, this number is capable of turning dream into reality. Enjoying many of the inspirational insights of number 11, combined with methodical nature and practicality of number 4, this number is unlimited and yet disciplined. However, it can easily sink in its own ambition, and waste its potential if not practical.

33 Numerology MeaningsNumber 33 Numerology Meanings – This number matters only when found among the core number’s in any person’s numerology in which case it can help in the spiritual upliftment of mankind since it is bereft of all personal ambition.

What is Expression Number?

Expression NumberThis number is among the Core Numbers of any persons, and for all those intending to know about its numerology meanings, it is the number based the letters of their name at birth that signifies their talents, abilities, and any shortcomings. It is derived by substituting the letters in a person’s first, middle, and last name, then adding them up separately, and finally adding those two or three numbers to arrive at a single digit, except for 11, 22, and 33. The numerology meanings for this number plays an integral role in deciding the shape a person’s life is going to take, and their many achievements and failures.

What is Soul Urge Number?

This number signifies the deepest desire in people, that is what they yearn for the most, and consequently has a profound influence on the life of everyone. This number is calculated by taking into consideration only the vowels in the first, middle, and last name, which is a, e, i, o, u, (sometimes y). Substituting the vowels with their corresponding numbers, and then adding them up gives rise to this number, which produces a good indication of a person’s heart’s desires and ambitions, and have strong impact on every aspect of their life ranging from work to lifestyle choices.

What Are Birthday Numerology Meanings?

This number differs from Life Path Number in the essence that it takes into account only the day of the month a person was born, and not the month and year like the latter. Therefore, this number ought to be significance to people trying to find Numerology Meanings of the particular day of the month they were born. Thus, all 31 days are examined for this purpose and turned into individual digits, even though the master numbers 11 and 22 are kept intact.

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