House Number Numerology

House Number Numerology

Have you ever wondered why some house owners feel different about their house? One of them may feel great while the other is feeling uncomfortable. In numerology, each home has a personality assigned to it by the vibrational matrix it carries, depending on its address. As a result of people having different Expression and Life Path Numbers, certain people may feel uncomfortable in an apartment when compared to others.


Calculate your Home Number:

House numerology only uses the house number, or just the apartment number (with any additional letter – ie. 45A)

  • First write down the full number of your house (not street or building number) and split it

  • If alphabets are present, you can convert them to a number using this conversion way: –

A, J, S = 1;
B, K, T =2;
C, L, U = 3;
D, M, V = 4;
E,N,W = 5;
F, O, X = 6;
G, P, Y = 7;
H, Q, Z = 8;
I, R = 9

  • Add all numbers together then reduce the sum to a one-digit number by adding its components

Example: An apartment address is 210 South Street, in apartment number 19B

1 + 9 + 2 =  ‘12’  then 12 is added up  =  ( 1 + 2) = 3 house number numerology



Personalities of homes…. by the Numbers:


Home Number 1:

House Numerology 1As per Numerology meanings, the 1 home is a place where independent people with an active career find comfort. Self-employment,  individuality and personal freedom dominate here as a result of the energy of the number 1, which boosts determination, invention and leadership. Living here can help you develop your self-confidence, bravery and determination.

What makes this home worthy is that it provides an energetic life full of independent achievements. On the other hand,  Home 1 also means loneliness, so it would be tough to tolerate a warm family life inside it. You may feel unsupported too, if your flat number adds up to 19.


Home Number 2:

House Numerology 2The 2 home is a place where a family and best-friends find comfort. Love, peace and happiness dominate here as a result of the energy of home 2, which encourages diplomatic cooperation and dedication. Living here will get you to know more about deep emotions and love in relationships.

You can easily raise a family in an environment surrounded by love and cooperation and this what makes this home worthy. Moreover, if the home address number adds up to 11, then home 2 is a great place for personal development if you have the passion. However, depression would arouse if you were living  there alone. In addition, you may face financial problems or descend in your career  level.


Home Number 3:

House Numerology 3Home 3 is the place where innovative, optimistic and imaginative people, such as comedians, feel home. Communication as well as creativity dominate here because the energy of home 3 encourages group conversations and inspirational experiences. Living here will help develop your communication skills and relevant use of emotions with expressions.

Home 3 is an ideal place to celebrate because of the surrounding pleasant environment. Due to this, home 3 would not be suitable for people who avoid social engagement as it may cause depression. Moreover, financial deficiency is a familiar problem too.


Home Number 4:

House Numerology 4Home 4 is the place where people who tend to live a stable and secure life find comfort. Here is where secure processes dominate because home 4 energy enhances the security skills such as honesty, hard work and organization. Living here will help you set reasonable and rewarding goals.

People seeking knowledge, security and personal development prefer home 4 the most, especially if the numbers add up to 22 before reduction to 4. On the other hand, people who are less organized feel of the laws of this home as cruel, particularly if they possess a humorous personality and seek freedom everywhere.


Home Number 5:

House Numerology 5Home 5 is a place to ‘HIGH FIVE’; parties’ home. Energies here endorses freedom and adaptability, where people tend to renew their home design regularly, so it is an ideal home for designers. Acceptability and  courage will be enhanced here by the magic of regular changes and parties.

Home 5 is the best place to have fun and join with friends. However, excessive alcohol and food  intake and being unable to live a serious, productive life heralds an undesirable future. Moreover, addiction probabilities would increase if your address number adds up to 14 before reduction to 5.


Home Number 6:

House Numerology 6Home 6 where outworkers and chiefs tend to live. Even though people living in it might be untidy, the home will usually look beautiful, this is because people are forced by the home number to keep their dwelling tide and comfortable.

This is the home favorited by families who search for comfortability and a calm place. A disadvantage is that you will be handling a responsibility for the tidiness of the house and may get caught inside your castle and become socially isolated.


Home Number 7:

House Numerology 7Home 7, which may be a writer or a philosopher house, has energy that promotes peacefulness and soul search, it is just like a place suitable to practise yoga. Listening to your intuition, discovering your divine views and being trustworthy are key skills you learn in home 7.

This home is favorited due to the spiritual environment and the feel of isolation it provides. However, if you are a social person you may feel alone in this home, which may result in alcohol addiction, so it is advised to have friendly meetings regularly.


Home Number 8:

House Numerology 8Home 8, where a person who dreams ‘I want to be the next Steve Jobs’ could live, has energy that encourages monetary gain and accomplishments. Stamina, management and organization are fundamentals features you learn in home 8.

Home 8 is the perfect place to develop yourself or your business using the huge amount of money available. Although there are gains, there are losses too, so it will not be easy to relax, you may eventually turn to a workhorse. Moreover, the center of power of home 8 is money, so the energy is all about the appearance.


Home Number 9:

House Numerology 9As per House Number Numerology, the Home 9 vibrations show the greatest hospitality of all vibrations, and its energy promotes creative thinking and mercy. Home 9 is a place where you can heal yourself, even foreign people are saluted anytime. Living there can teach you how to stop thinking of the past and start giving charity.

Caring people will find home 9 a great chance to help others. On the other hand, these caring people will not be able to have a focused mind on their personal lives. Because the number 9 is a ‘global’ number, they may find themselves travelling regularly.


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