Soul Urge Number

One’s soul urge number is usually calculated or gotten from the reduction of one’s numerology number to a single digit. Though some challenges are faced when determining one’s soul urge number, one has to know the time whether day or night he or she was born. For instance, an individual born at 2am on the 16th of April is considered to be born on the 16th of that same month in present time with he or she’s soul number to be 7 (1+6 ). But according to ancient Hindu system, this person was not born before sunrise and he or she is considered to be born by night the previous day 15th; making he or she’s soul number to be 6 (1+5). Therefore, this individual has to compare the attributes of the soul urge number 6 and 7 and determine which one relates to him or her.
Emiting the most powerful vibration in the world, the soul urge number shows the way people choose for themselves. Food, sex, marriage, ambitions and desires are examples of such decisions. Soul numbers 1 to 9 possess their own individual vibrations whether negative or positive in which one can take advantage of. One’s soul number remain in effect throughtout a lifetime with its strongest effect manifested at 35-40 years. One’s soul urge number can either be even or odd.

The soul urge number consists of the adding up of the numerical values of the vowels present in the name of any person, and it indicates the deepest desire that they hold in their hearts away from all other souls. In fact, this number serves as a highly accurate indicator of the most intense of craving that a person might experience, as well as, their most ardent likes and dislikes. By converting the vowels in the name into their respective numeric values, and then adding them up to a single digit or any of the two master numbers yields, which with give you you’re the soul urge number.

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Soul Urge 1

Soul Urge Number 1Individuals with the soul urge number 1 tends to be highly ambitious and have formidable leadership quality, with a deep streak of independence that makes them incompatible to take orders from others. They are generally honest, loyal, determined, while always on the lookout to showcase their strength, abilities, and usefulness. However, soul urge number 1 on the negative side can also turn boastful and egoistic, as well as, excessively dominating upon their family and friends. These people are highly driven and focused upon attaining success, which may make them a tad emotionless at times. However, they make loyal and dependable friends and business associates.

Soul Urge 2

Soul Urge Number 2The soul urge number 2 endows individuals with a great amount of ability to work in teams because of their lack of personal ambition. These people do not seek leadership positions, but are keen in making contributions as part of the team. Moreover, they tend to be highly sympathetic, as well as, exceedingly tactful and diplomatic, all of which makes them ideal for nurturing relationships, friendships, and partnerships with aplomb. However, if the sympathetic part gets too strong for this soul number 2 person, then they might develop over-sensitive egos that can easily get hurt, which in turn can make them timid, fearful, and withdrawn from others.

Soul Urge 3

Soul Urge Number 3Individuals with soul urge number 3 tend to be fond of spending their time in the limelight, with their considerable creative and intellectual talents particularly in the fields of acting, singing, and likewise making them suitable for such active social life. They tend to possess very upbeat attitude, and are fond of going out with friends. Moreover, soul urge number 3 individuals possess excellent emotional balance and a clear mental state. However, on the negative side, they become too optimistic or easy-going that can scatter away their talents. Even then, individuals with this number can benefit from their heightened inspirational impulses and intuitive insights.

Soul Urge 4

Soul Urge Number 4The soul urge number 4 tends to make individuals highly organized and diligent in their duty, while endowing them with heightened skills at systemizing, managing, and executing organizational responsibilities. These people are also in the possession of excellent analytical skills, and are highly reliable and dependable, while sudden innovation or unexpected improvisations tend to unsettle them. On the negative side, soul urge number 4 people can become narrow-minded in the absence of creativity, while their tendency to shun innovations make them seem like rigid and stubborn. They can also struggle to express their feelings, which they can overcome with the help of their honest, conscientious, and sincere demeanor.

Soul Urge 5

Soul Urge Number 5Individuals with soul urge number 5 tends to be in love with the idea of freedom and adventure, and are very fond of traveling or facing interesting experiences. These people excel in adapting to situations and setting the pace for others, while they can impress others with their agility and resourcefulness. However, they may also seem like shallow and fickle minded which is especially because of their restless and impatient demeanor. Moreover, soul urge number 5 individuals seem to have difficulty with taking responsibilities, and tend to move in and out of relationships. However, they possess versatility, which makes them ideal for coping up with a range of situations, while their enthusiasm and resourcefulness can help them in moving ahead in life.

Soul Urge 6

Soul Urge Number 6The soul urge number 6 makes individual highly capable of taking responsibilities, and performing them with dedication. These people are extremely focused regarding the wellbeing of their family, friends, and community at large. Moreover, they have the positive character traits such as generosity and a deep sympathetic demeanor which makes them endearing to other people. They are good at providing emotional support to others, while their considerable creative and artistic talents can also make them popular in their community. However, people with SoulUrge number 6 can also become excessively interfering and overprotective, as well as, emotional, which make them less helpful to others.

Soul Urge 7

Soul Urge Number 7Individuals with soul urge number 7 often tend to be dreamers who are fond of spending time with their intellectual pursuits consisting of studying and analyzing practically everything under the sun. Moreover, these people tend to be highly selective in whom they choose as their friends, and outside of this known social circle they are usually timid and withdrawn. soul urge number 7 people also find it difficult to express themselves, and are relaxed with only those who are ready to give them space to make the most of their analytical mind. Their sole aim is to gain knowledge and wisdom, and are least bothered about the monetary aspects of life.

Soul Urge 8

Soul Urge Number 8The soul number 8 endows individuals with an innate business sense and a unique flare to succeed in the world of commerce. They possess marked materialistic desires, and are good at organizing, and supervising. Moreover, they are in possession of exceedingly sharp analytical mind, which helps them in making excellent judgment, and plan properly. However, soul urge number 8 individuals can at times develop demanding and dominating attitude, as well as, streaks of stubbornness and rigidity that make it difficult for others around them. Even then, they can succeed if they keep these impulses under check and make most of their abilities to reach their ambitions.

Soul Urge 9

Soul Urge Number 9Soul urge number 9 usually makes individuals grow humanitarian impulses, which makes them amenable to the idea of being a philanthropist and be generous in giving their knowledge, friendship, and experience to others. These individuals end to possess high ideals and can inspire others, while their self-sacrificing nature allows them to serve others without the thought of getting any reward or appreciation. However, individuals with soul urge number 9 can also become emotionally fragile or excessively resent the idea of imperfections or selfishness in others. Even then, these individuals tends to redeem themselves by showering others with their generousness, and try making the world a better place with their sensitive and compassionate nature.

Soul Urge 11

Soul Urge Number 11The soul urge number 11 endows individuals with positive character traits comprising of the ability inspire and motivate others to reach loftier spiritual planes, while also instilling in these individuals an urge to help humanity with their intellectual and psychic abilities. However, they do not possess any practical or materialistic goals. Moreover, an excess of these traits can lead a growth in nervous tension, which these soul urge number 11 individuals find difficult to express. Moreover, they often tend to be greatly idealistic, and live in utopian world involving some degree of self-deception. However, they can overcome all obstacles with their inner strength of conviction and devotion, while helping others to find their inner peace.

Soul Urge 22

Soul Urge Number 22The soul urge number 22 is sure to make individuals feel in the possession of immense strength and potential to make a difference in other people’s lives by undertaking huge humanitarian projects, which makes them suitable for career in engineering, diplomacy, or policymakers. Moreover, numerology meanings for SoulUrge 22 suggest that these people possess a usually high level of intelligence, foresight, and perceptiveness combined with heightened awareness and keen diplomatic skills to make suitable for leadership positions make meaningful contributions to the world. However, they can also become excessively dominating, while a buildup of nervous energy can make it difficult for these individuals to focus and channel their potential in a constructive manner.


Difference between a soul urge number and destiny number:

The Destiny number comes into effect after age 35 years, though the soul urge number doesn’t loose its importance, it is affected by the individual’s change of name. This also causes a change in one’s educational path, marriage and spiritual path. Soul urge number tells us that a person thinks about himself while a Destiny number points out a person’s thought about others.

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