Expression Number (Destiny Number)

The expression number is among the most important of numbers in terms of numerology, and is one of the core numbers that play a decisive role in shaping the life of people and their destinies. In fact, this number is much less about the destiny of a person and more about what they can achieve or what they must aspire to be in life if they wish to become successful. This number is arrived at by replacing the letters in the first, middle, and last name of person, and then adding them to arrive at single digit for each of them. The next step is to add the two or three single digits to arrive at the final single digit, which is the expression number of a person.
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Expression 1

Expression Number 1The positive traits of people with this number are ambition and courage, independence and individualism, natural born ability to lead, ability to influence other’s opinions. The negative traits are tendency to be highly critical of others, and become self-centered because of the obsession with goals and ambitions. Since expression number 1 stands for the pioneers, frontrunners and risk takers, this number is usual among self-made billionaires, inventors, religious leaders, generals, and top politicians. However, they must control their impulse to seem self-obsessed and indifferent, as well as, highly critical of others close to them if they wish to succeed.

Expression 2

Expression Number 2People with this expression number tend to be friendly and open-minded, which makes them perceptible to the needs of others. These people are best to work in groups because of their naturally intuitive nature and great talent for teamwork. Since they are the power behind the throne instead of being the leader themselves, they often tend to miss out on the credit and recognition due to them, which can be frustrating. These people can be excellent partners, with close and harmonious relationships being essential for their happiness, while their enhanced sensitivity makes them vulnerable to unkind words or actions.

Expression 3

Expression Number 3The positive traits of people with this number expression are expressiveness, optimism, as well as, an outgoing and inspiring nature. These people have great talent for areas that require creative solutions and radical thinking such as arts, while their energetic nature makes them capable of inspiring others around them. However, even though people with this number possess high degree of creativity and self-expression, they must be very careful not to fitter away their unique talent. They must learn to be focused and discipline to be able to find success in their life.

Expression 4

Expression Number 4People with this expression number generally tend to be very enterprising, with a methodical and structured approach to life and its problems, which makes ideal for becoming managers, lawyers, government officials, and accountants. Moreover, they possess high moral integrity and trustworthiness, while it can also lead them to become somewhat rigid and stubborn instead of showing compassion and common sense in case of relationships. Even though they might feel attracted towards creative fields such as art and music, their main challenge is to become more conversant with creative environment, which can inspire them to reach higher goals.

Expression 5

Expression Number 5The best aspects of individuals with this particular number expression are their free-spirited and adventure-seeking nature, which is in love with the feelings of change and excitement. These people tend to have a gift of gab, which makes them highly successful upon pursuing professions involving communication skill such as politician, salesperson, lawyer, public relation personnel, etc. Moreover, these people tend to infect others with their youthful enthusiasm, while falling in and out of love quite frequently that can make them vulnerable to relationship problems and shallow feelings as well. Finally, they may suffer from lack of organization of their efforts and skills, which makes self-discipline essential for them.

Expression 6

Expression Number 6This expression number endows individuals with a loving and caring nature that makes them put others before themselves. These people a keen sense of integrity and honesty, while their honest and harmonizing nature allows them to handle and resolve contradictory scenarios. However, they also run the risk of never realizing their true potential because of the urge to take pleasure from the service to others whole keeping their individual objectives on the backburners. These people make excellent social worker, teacher, psychologist, florist, or farmer because of their capability to resolve tricky situation and the skill to harmonize situations involving many people with contradictory mindsets.

Expression 7

Expression Number 7Individuals with this expression number are most often driven by their insatiable thirst for knowledge and truth, with their analytical mind possessing a humongous appetite for answers. Thus, they are likely to succeed in careers choices such as lawyers, inventor, investigator, analyst, and philosopher among others. However, they may often find themselves isolated because of lack of communication with most people because they do not possess the same level of understanding and knowledge. They can use meditation, contemplation, and turning their attention to smaller things in life to gain balance and poise necessary to be successful in social life.

Expression 8

Expression Number 8This number expression endows its individuals with the power and potential to achieve great things in life, while discipline and perseverance can help them in overcoming obstacles and gaining money and authority. Moreover, these people tend to be instinctive judge of characters and possess great leadership qualities, all of which helps them in turning these obstacles in their path into learning opportunities. However, they often run the risk of losing the fine balance between their material and spiritual goal that is necessary for gaining the desired results, with too much emphasis on the former leading to stubbornness, intolerance, and selfishness.

Expression 9

Expression Number 9Individuals with this expression number tend to have great humanitarian instincts that fill them with compassion and idealism, while egging them on to transform the world by directly benefitting the people. Politics, environment protection, law, teaching, and healing tends to be the professional areas most suited to these individuals. Moreover, they do not suffer from prejudices and preconceived notions about others, which make them highly attractive to most in spite of their generally cool and somewhat distant demeanor. However, even though these individuals have great love for the humanity, they are not good at expressing that emotion, and are not an intuitive judge of character as well.

Expression 11

Expression Number 11People with this number expression possess a very powerful presence, even though are highly sensitive and aware of others around them at the same time. However, even though they possess the capability to bridge the gap between the conscious and the unconscious; they are often not aware of their own personal power. Moreover, these individuals tend to spend the life in a tentative manner, not sure of whom to share their emotions with, which restricts their ability to unleash their inherent human power. They can achieve more by learning to control the flow of their vital energy, and take greater advantage of their keen awareness.

Expression 22

Expression Number 22This number expression endows individuals with the ability to dream big, which they possess the capability to achieve thanks to their inherent leadership skills. People with this number are able to transcend the abilities of other individuals and make their mark on the civilization that can inspire others. However, they need to curb their instinct to take risks in a reckless manner, which can result in growing frustration because of their urgency to accomplish greater things in life. Even then, these individuals have a greater shop at accomplishing greatness compared to others, in spite of them limiting their scope of work.

Expression 33

Expression Number 33This expression number is famous as the ‘Master Teacher’, one that fills its individuals with the profound knowledge of wisdom and enlightenment. However, it also comes with the downside of immense expectation, which makes it difficult for most to live up to its expectations. In fact, this number emphasizes all the character traits of number 6, such as loving, caring, harmonious, and sacrificing nature. However, these individuals can also have negative traits, which tends to make them physically and emotionally damaging to people around them. However, they tend to draw people towards them because of their ability to care, comfort, and heal others.

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