Numerology Number Meanings

Numerology Number MeaningsNumerology is an occult art, which focuses upon the mystic connection between letters and numbers, and how these numbers can exert remarkable influence upon the lives of people. Thus, numerology number meanings are essential for gaining a profound insight into the characteristic traits of the numbers from 1 to 9, and how any individual having these numbers (life path numbers) as part of their core numbers can fair in their lives. However, these life path number carry traits that are in extreme, while humans carry a mixture of multiple numbers to make their character traits much more complex and less extreme that what one would expect according to their number numerology. See below the numerology number meanings from 1 to 9, as well as for master numbers: 11, 22 & 33.
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Life Path 1 Numerology Meaning

Life Path 1 Numerology MeaningAccording to 1 numerology number meanings, individuals possessing this number tends to be highly creative and a force to reckon with, while following their dreams and turning them into reality. Life path number 1 numerology individuals tend to possess an innate ability to separate right from wrong, even though they are no starry-eyed idealists or philosophers. Instead, they tend to be ruthless conquerors and warriors extraordinaire who are fixated upon reaching their goal and realizing their dreams. However, they can be extremely jealous, demanding, and confrontational in relationships, while their sense of honor calls for admiration. Individuals possessing solely character traits of Life path number 1 can be extremely difficult to deal with, while those softened by the influence of other less masculine numbers can become inspirational leaders.

Life Path 2 Meaning

Life Path 2 Numerology MeaningAccording to 2 numerology meaning, this number is the most feminine of all which endows it with a calm, gentle, diplomatic, and tactical demeanor, while the tendency to avoid confrontations at all cost might make others underestimate the resilient force of the individuals with this number. The Life path 2 numerology often tends to be the real power behind the throne, and their ability to bend before any force or coercion and then jump back to their original shape without any harm makes then highly resilient. Moreover, individuals possessing this number possess an innate sense of humor, which makes them very sought-after in social circles, while they are invaluable in relationships for their unflinching support towards their partners.

Life Path 3 Meaning

Life Path 3 Numerology MeaningAccess your FREE Numerology Report Here!3 numerology meaning indicates that this number is in possession of exceptional creative talent, even though the possessors of this number are in need of ever-present guidance to prevent them from frittering away their incredible talents. These individual are in the possession of the unique creative skills, especially those involving verbal arts that makes them the life of social circles. However, this number also presents the negative aspects such as lack of focus, tendency to procrastinate, and inability to take responsibility, all of which can make a Life path number 3 numerology person highly vulnerable to difficult situations that adequate support from family and friends can help tide over.

Life Path 4 Meaning

Life Path 4 Numerology Meaning4 numerology meaning indicates that this number is highly masculine in nature with character traits such as punctuality, dependability, strength, obedience, and productivity being its leading positive aspects. Individuals possessing this number tend to be workaholics, who have a sight for details and do not cut corners. However, individuals of Life path 4 numerology lack the social skills, and do not possess attractive personality. They tend to keep quiet and prefer to keep to their work, which they perform with great discipline and persistence. However, they tend to become prone to panic attacks if they feel they are not in complete control of the situation, but are excellent at working in teams.

Life Path 5 Meaning

Life Path 5 Numerology MeaningAs per 5 numerology number meanings, this number possess the most dynamic and energetic nature of all numbers, and endows its possessors with an insatiable need for change that often forces them to jump jobs or move in and out of relationships, which can also make them unreliable and irresponsible. However, Life path 5 numerology people are surprisingly loyal, and they will never cheat on their partners while in a relationship. Individuals with this number usually possess attractive personality and looks, and are popular in the social circle. They prefer professions that take them to different places or necessitate a change of environments such as tour guides, small business owners, independent consultants, or sales persons.

Life Path 6 Meaning

Life Path 6 Numerology MeaningThis number is the most harmonious of all single-digit numbers according to 6 numerology meaning, which is because of its loving, caring, and protective nature. Thus, people with this number usually excel in professions such as doctors, teachers, healers, and caregivers. However, Life path number 6 numerology individuals can also become irksome because of their tendency to meddle in others’ affairs, while their sacrificing nature coupled with lack of ability to judge characters properly makes them susceptible to abuse by others. Even then, every household and community is in the need of this individual possessing this number to act as the social glue and keep everyone together.

Life Path 7 Meaning

Life Path 7 Numerology MeaningAccording to 7 numerology meaning, individuals with this number tend to possess a keen and analytical mind which is always on the lookout for the truth because they believe that nothing in this world is what it seems. These individuals are often highly spiritual but not in the religious sense, while their superbly imaginative mind allow them to reach the stratospheric level of intellectuality. However, 7 numerology people can also become arrogant and compassionless, while their eagerness to analyze all feelings and experiences might result them in missing out on humane aspects of life. Finally, these people never gossip or backstab other people, and have no patience for fashion or shallow mindedness.

Life Path 8 Meaning

Life Path 8 Numerology MeaningThe number 8 is most commonly associated with a strong dedication towards excelling in career and finances. According to 8 numerology meaning, individuals with this number are not particularly greedy about money, but rather visualize as a marker for their success. They tend to be highly focused and intelligent, with a pragmatic and realist outlook that helps in succeeding in positions of power and authority. However, an overdose of this Life path 8 numerology number can lead to a rise in dissatisfaction and frustration levels. Moreover, this number possesses both spiritual and materialistic outlook, with the combination of both helping in providing a holistic ability towards reaching great height in life.

Life Path 9 Meaning

Life Path 9 Numerology Meaning9 numerology is the last of the cardinal numbers, and it is the most tolerant and conscious, as well as, least judgmental of them all as well, which gives individuals with this number a great humanitarian streak. According to 9 numerology meaning, these individual are capable of devoting themselves to the benefit of others, and changing the mindset of people with their persuasive presence. They often tend to be prosperous, but despite them not being interested about the monetary aspect of most of their undertakings. However, on the negative side, they can also become arrogant, cold, apathetic, and condescending towards others.

Life Path 11 Meaning

Life Path 11 Numerology MeaningAccording to 11 numerology meaning, this number represents illumination, along with an inherent intuitiveness, which allows individuals in possession of this number to be able to gain channel their energy through the subconscious level, and gain insight without rational thought. 11 numerology is a master number, and its individuals have all the character traits of the number 2, but in a much more enhanced manner to make them suitable for charismatic and leadership roles. However, this number is perpetually walking on the edge between greatness and self-destruction, which means that loss of focus, can result in fear and phobias, with spiritual faith helping in finding inner peace and balance.

Life Path 22 Meaning

Life Path 22 Numerology MeaningAccording to 22 numerology meaning, this number is the most powerful of them all, and it endows individuals with the ability to turn their dreams into reality. This master number combines the methodical and practical nature of number 4 with some of the inspirational insights of number 11 to possess enormous self-confidence and leadership qualities to realize much more than personal goals and reach greater heights in life. However, in the absence of practicality, individuals with this 22 numerology number can easily fritter away their talent and potential, while they can also face trouble by shifting away from their ambition.

Life Path 33 Meaning

Life Path 33 Numerology Meaning33 numerology is master number, and has the most influential of them all, and is able to bring together all the potential of 11 and 22 to enable individual having this number to reach an altogether different level. However, according to 33 numerology meaning, this numbers leaves individuals bereft of all personal ambition and makes them focus their formidable abilities upon the betterment of the human race. These individual possess the ability to seek and understand the true meaning of the human thought and wisdom, which makes them ideal as teachers and preachers. However, this number only matters when present as any of the core numbers of an individual.
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